Air conditioning buying guide

When it is time to replace or install your central air conditioning system, size is probably the most important thing to consider. If you under-estimate the size you need, you and your family will be sweating through some hot days, and in Montgomery, AL, days get very hot. If you over-estimate the size you need, you will be paying the consequences on the power bill. Moreover, it couldĀ make your living environment cold and damp. It is important to hire a professional to determine the perfect size for your home. Professionals have a mathematical way to determine the exact size that your home needs.

Central air conditioning uses ducts to pass out cool air throughout the home. The most common type if central air conditioning is the split system. The spilt system uses a condenser outside the home and a fan & coil system inside that carry refrigerant. This is the square box you see outside of almost any home.

On the contrary, not all homes can accommodate central air and split systems, so they use split ductless systems. These are similar to central air systems but they have an outside condenser and one to four indoor units with blowers that are high on a wall. Refrigerant is circulated through the pipes that connect the two together. Each indoor unit cools the room that it is installed into. These are not window air conditioner systems and more expensive than window units. Professional installation is recommended.

The size and energy output differs for every user and system. It is recommended that you get a professional’s opinion as to which unit would suit your home the best. Call us today if you need help with AC unit installation, addition of an AC unit, or repairs.