Residential AC

thermostatAt Edwards Plumbing & Heating we understand how uncomfortable living conditions can be when your air conditioning system is not working to its maximum efficiency. In our own homes, when the system is down, the immediate objective is to remedy the situation as soon as feasibly possible and in a cost effective manner. We know that you have the same goals as we would have and that would be to get your family’s comfort level to where it needs to be as soon as possible and as cost effective as possible. That is where we at Edwards can make a difference for you.

We pride ourselves on being the best service oriented company that we can be and providing repair options at a fair price. When you call us in need of service we strive to dispatch one of our highly trained NATE certified technicians to your home as soon as reasonably possible. Our technicians will investigate and test your equipment to determine the severity of any existing problem and will recommend a repair solution, should a repair be necessary.

You will always get a straight forward assessment of the situation as well as repair, or replacement, options. We will always provide you with a priced out estimate and will secure your approval prior to any work being started.

We never take our existing, or potential customers, for granted and we feel that it is our responsibility to inform and educate you regarding the equipment that is heating and cooling your home. Therefore, we will review with you what it takes to adequately maintain your system in an effort to prolong its useful life. Thus, saving you money, and a headache, down the road.

If you are looking for a healthy and safe living environment and improved comfort with indoor air that is fresh and clean then we can get that done for you and your family. One of our top priorities is to service our customers over the long haul and that means doing things right the first time. We keep our promises and uphold high company standards as well as customer satisfaction.

Give us a call and experience the difference that we can make in your comfort today. We think you will like our customer service focused company.

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