Beat the summer heat with these air conditioning tips

When you live in as warm a climate as Montgomery, AL, it goes without saying that you must have a great air conditioning system in your home. Consequently, living in a warm climate means most people want to keep their air conditioning running most of the day to keep it cool. Here are some strategies that can help you beat the summer heat (without draining your wallet).

Minimize window sunlight

Everyone loves the way it looks to have sunlight streaming through the windows. However, in the heat of the day, the temperature of a room can rise significantly with strong sunlight shining through. Tip: try covering up super sunny windows, at least during the heat of the day. Any window coverage, even the thinnest curtains, can help keep a room temperature low.

Run your fans the right way!

Ceiling fans are a great tool to keep rooms cooler with the air circulating. However, if your fan is not spinning the right way, it is pretty much useless. Tip: Check your fan setting (most have a simple switch) to ensure it is spinning counterclockwise. Blades that spin counterclockwise create a downdraft and move air the middle of the room.

Cook Outside

Kitchens can get warm very quickly with the stove and oven running full blast. If you have people in the kitchen moving around, it is just going to get hotter. Tip: If you have this option available, try cooking outside on the grill. Grilling is a summer classic and there are so many things you can do!

Cooling your home in the summer time can be a pain, especially in the heat of the south. If you are smart, you can try any of these tips to help reduce high air conditioning bills this summer.